MANY Surprises with Kara’s Assistance

- Tuesday, June 4, 2019

My husband and I adopted Micah Zoe in June 2007. Micah was born deaf and had, at the age of 2 years 6 months, not received any treatment for her condition. We decided that we would do everything it took to give her a normal life. After a visit to the ENT specialist it was confirmed that her hearing loss was due to an underlying deformity of her ears. It was at this point that our journey to communication with Micah began. We were referred to Kara to establish a sign language vocabulary with Micah. Our first visit to Kara was confusing and frightening, I did not think that I would remember any of the signs taught to us that day let alone get Micah to understand and learn them. During the week before our next appointment with Kara we practised the signs hoping for a breakthrough. On the fifth day after our first lesson Micah surprised me by using the sign for the colour red when asked to choose a pencil. Red is still her favourite colour.

It was the beginning of many surprises and with Kara’s assistance, patience and kindness our progression to communicate with Micah was astounding.

After extensive therapy which included the use of hearing aids the decision was made that a Cochlear implant was the only solution to Micah’s problem.

After the initial mapping sessions, we were referred to a therapist living in Empangeni, it made sense to cut out the long journey to Durban every week.

It was probably the worst decision - as after six months we had not progressed at all. My husband and I discussed this with the therapist attending to Micah’s cochlear device, and the decision was made to immediately start Micah’s speech therapy with Kara.

Kara is absolutely brilliant. Her patience and knowledge astounds me. I started feeling hopeful again and with her understanding manner she guided us to a place I thought we would never reach. Micah understands everything I say to her and although she is still learning to speak, she already says a few words and is happy to learn to say new words all the time.

There is no doubt that without Kara, this would never have been possible, and I would never have thought it possible.

Kara is our heroine; she has made our lives a lot easier. Without her guidance I would have been lost. I thank the Lord every day for people like Kara and for everything she has taught Micah and I - Wendy Handford


Kara’s Worth is Immeasurable and Unforgettable

- Monday, June 3, 2019

I am Sashnee Moodley, the mother of Shreya Moodley. Shreya has been a patient since she was six weeks old. She has been seeing Kara since May this year. Shreya had a Cochlear Implant in January this year and Kara has been helping Shreya with her assessments and with her hearing aid in her left ear. Kara has been working intensively with Shreya with her speech and hearing impairment.

Shreya has benefited greatly from Kara as she has helped her obtain maximum hearing in her left ear by prescribing a new and improved hearing Aid. Kara’s soft and warm personality has helped boost my little girl’s confidence. She no longer is shy and withdrawn; Kara has given Shreya the confidence to give a speech in front of 30 to 40 guests. I used to be Shreya’s role model; Kara has now filled that position.

I am glad that my little girl has found someone that she can trust and idolize. Shreya now wants to be a doctor just like Kara, help to make all the little children hear all the songs and to dance to the music. Only a parent who has experienced the pain of watching their child not be able to say what they want to eat or drink will know what it feels like to have a Kara in their world. So to all the Kara’s of the world a very big ‘Thank You’. Kara’s worth is immeasurable and unforgettable - Sashnee Moodley


Gratitude and Appreciation

- Saturday, June 1, 2019

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude and appreciation as well as offer my congratulations on the success of a very well presented seminar. It was really inspirational to me personally as well as an eye opener.... Made me even ask my son if he'd consider the procedure in future. Thanks once again for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of it. I look forward to future opportunities. – Mala Perumal