How do we test grown ups?

Our aim is to establish the impact that the hearing loss is having on communication, and how we can assist in improving the communication barriers.

If a medical condition exists such as wax in the ear, middle ear infection, perforated ear drum etc, that has caused a temporary, treatable condition, the patient is then referred for a medical opinion and treatment. If the hearing loss appears to be more permanent in nature, other forms of assistance may be recommended.

Who does the testing? All testing is performed by a qualified audiologist, registered with the health professions council of South Africa (HPCSA).

How do you test hearing? All tests are performed in a sound treated booth, using carefully calibrated state of the art equipment in order to make a differential diagnosis of hearing loss. Using a variety of clinical tools, which may consist of pure-tone testing, speech audiometry and impedance testing, the audiologist will determine a patient’s hearing acuity. Should a hearing loss be present, proper follow-up will be recommended by the audiologist.

How long does it take? Hearing tests are typically scheduled as a 30-minute appointment.

Who needs a Hearing Assessment? All of us! Babies, children and adults of all ages - not only the geriatric population or those exposed to noise.

When should hearing be assessed? Birth and then annually thereafter. In the event where a person suffers from a known condition that can cause hearing loss, hearing should be assessed more regularly and this will be relayed to the patient in the event that repeat, regular assessments are required.

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